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Financial Services

How Daketta Pacific stands out ...


Daketta Pacific provides complete accounting services for its manage properties. 

Example of these services include:


Collection of rents; 


Calculation, billing and collection of common area and/or NNN charges;


Service of notices for unpaid rent;


Maintenance of property bank accounts; 


Payment of invoices and statements;


Reserve for and payment of property taxes; 


Placement, reserves and payment of property insurance;


Payment of debt service, as applicable;


Maintenance of complete financial records and production of complete financial statements.


At the start of each fiscal year, the owner receives an annual operating and capital improvement budget for their review, comment and approval. This budget is the general basis for operational decisions of the property for the coming year. 



Daketta Pacific has an excellent relationship with Texas Bank & Trust, which means our accounts enjoy the maximum of services and the lease expense.



Daketta Pacific provides a variety of reports on a routine basis. Because we utilize the latest generation of software and hardware, we are able to produce timely and accurate property and financial reports. It is our goal to provide the most useful and effective information as possible and we welcome the opportunity to produce a reporting package tailored to the owner's specific needs.


Daketta Pacific's computerized management system allows the performance of a property to be closely monitored. Our lease administration program allows the automatic production of rent rolls, tenant common area expense reports, delinquency reports, etc. The availability of this information ensures that the property manager and the lease administrator can enforce the terms and conditions of the lease for the benefit of the owner.


On a routine basis, operating statements for the preceding month are sent from our office by the end of the third week of each month. The standard list of monthly reports includes the following:


Balance Sheet


General ledger


Income statement for the current month


Income statement showing year-to-date figures


Rent Roll


There are a variety of other reports that are available if desired and we have the capability to design custom reports to meet individual owner's needs.

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