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Management Services

The goals of our real estate management services emphasize the following:

Relief of ownership burden(s) and responsibilities

Asset preservation

Value enhancement

Facilitating the owners' financial goals

Other reasonable and specific considerations which are important to the owner(s) 


In order to achieve these goals, our services include:


Properties we manage include. . .

  • An emphasis on tenant relations; 


  • Lease administration including enforcement of all elements of the leases, timely rent escalations, monitoring insurance compliance, billing and reconciling common area expenses; 


  • Comprehensive financial reporting, including monthly financial statements, narrative reports and updates on industrial, legal and regulatory issues; 


  • Collection and deposit of rents and other monies due;


  • Diligent pursuit of delinquencies; 


  • Payment and reconcilitation of all expenses;


  • Analysis of rental markets;


  • Formulation and execution of annual budgets, including comprehensive inspections and recommendations for improvements;


  • Supervision of vendors, including performance, insurance compliance and payment; 


  • Administration of insurance programs;


  • Implementation of a comprehensive maintenance and service program which seeks to reduce the long term capital expenditures by the owner while being mindful of the tenant's needs; and,


  • Supervision of the maintenance of the property, including 24 hour emergency response.











Daketta Pacific assesses the condition of the HVAC systems, utility services, building structures, and site improvements. With a complete understanding of a property and its tenants, we aim to meet with all of the vendors to clarify the scope of their services. If necessary, we obtain competing bids from other vendors to insure that the expenses are in line. As a  matter of course, Daketta Pacific verifies that all vendors carry appropriate insurance coverage.



Daketta Pacific solicits competitive bids and recommends the hiring of vendors. Daketta Pacific supervises all routine property services. The costs of routine or extraordinary maintenance and repair are attributable to the property.



A Daketta Pacific employee is on-call 24 hours-a-day. All tenants know exactly who to contact at Daketta Pacific in case of an emergency.

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