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What We Do

We specialize in professional management, strategic investment, and careful development of commercial, industrial and retail real estate located in the greater Santa Barbara area. 

Daketta Pacific brings to the table a dedicated staff of real estate, property management, and accounting professionals experienced in all facets of real estate asset management.


Our expertise is maximizing the economic potential of commercial, industrial and retail properties only. We understand how to deal with and nurture small business tenants, as well as national triple-A credit tenant representatives, and are able to draft and administer any type of commercial lease arrangement.


Our pro-active, hands-on management style provides "worry-free" ownership for our clients and investors. Daketta Pacific was founded on the commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity and we make superior tenant and client service a top priority. We are not bureaucratic but rather flexible, innovative, attentive and responsive. We have a creative, "whatever it takes" attitude to problem solving and
we strive to live by the adage, "it shall be done". 

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